From the Designer's Desk #1: A Roof Deck Saga

Our client has enjoyed a view of the Center City skyline from the roof deck outside her third floor loft for a decade. Over the years, the client has asked us to make various structural and cosmetic repairs to the deck to extend its life with the hopes of one more dinner party set against that stunning backdrop. Unfortunately, the deck's life is coming to an end. 

The existing patio doors were in poor condition when the client called last winter. Sun exposure faded and peeled the paint and water found its way into the living space through gaps at the base of the windows. We removed the rear facade and installed new, Fire-Engine Red patio doors with three matching windows (fitted with between-the-glass blinds), a new stucco finish, and modern exterior sconces. The roof deck had new life! We celebrated with a staff party on the deck, the skyline lit behind us. 

Imagine our surprise when the client called. Again. Shortly after the party, an adjacent building was zoned for redevelopment and the client's Center City view was scheduled to be obstructed. To preserve the deck, the new doors, and that view, we demolished the old deck and started construction on a modifed version. While the view won't be the same, the friends and family who gather to welcome the change will be.