General Manager's Site Solutions #4: A Five-Star Basement Spa with an Endless Pool

Imagine your basement...

Like most of us, your basement is dark, cold, and vacant - an ordinary storage space full of old holiday decorations, unused fitness equipment, and broken down camping gear. But, what if that clutter was gone? What if your basement was bright, warm, and cozy?

Now, imagine your basement with a pool...

Our clients envisioned their basement as a getaway - an oasis tucked away in their Philadelphia twin. But as it stood, their basement was lifeless, colorless. There were exposed wires and ducts. It was damp. It lacked amenities. It was...a basement

They were not deterred. We helped the clients manage the moisture problems, hide the mechanicals, and modify the ductwork. We designed mock-ups for the steps, stairs, handrails, grab bars, and head clearances. 

And then we put a pool in the middle of it all. 

For access to the pool, we installed a new run of basement stairs from the main floor of the house to the new elevated deck. The new Endless Pool was set to the left and a full bathroom just to the right. We painted the walls light blue to mimic the water color and give the room a resort-like backdrop. The stairs were painted gray to match the skirt around the pool. Non-slip, vinyl sheet flooring was installed for added comfort and safety.